DiscoverIntentional Optimists - Unconventional Leaders20. Cinderella Story - Kathe Morrison
20. Cinderella Story - Kathe Morrison

20. Cinderella Story - Kathe Morrison

Update: 2021-01-11


Kathe Morrison leads a group of women working the Cinderella Project of the Shenandoah Valley.  This project was founded in 2003 as a Christian mission project dedicated to helping young men and women with financial need for semi-formal and formal attire for their school events at no cost.  This promotes self-esteem and the encouragement of all to believe and achieve their dreams.  Kathe volunteers her time, effort and money while still working her full time job and is constantly coming up with that next big thing.

Topics discussed in this episode:

The Cinderella Project:
How to be a catalyst for putting the non profit  status in place
* Serves 32 high schools in Shenandoah Valley
* Creativity on thinking outside of the box
* Funding initiatives
* How to connect through generations
* Meeting the community needs - sizes, styles

Kathe's WHY:  Her Cinderella Moment - helping people be who they want to be

Now what?

  • Kathe's Leadership Principle 
    • Being a advocate for the project and people it serves
  • Kathe's Key Habits
    • Has to do something for others
    • Coming up with the “next thing’
    • Fostering connections
  • Moving forward
    • Helping other groups
    • New company with shared space for nonprofits
  • Mentoring
    • Wanting to help people see their own potential

How To Get Involved:

  1. Know your WHY
  2. Make sure it feeds your heart
  3. Know your own strengths and skills and be willing to use them 
  4. TRY - Just start somewhere

Resources mentioned in this episode: 
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Night To Shine - Tim Tebow - prom for people with disabilities
Green Hanger Project - clothes for kids in need

Where to find Kathe:
Facebook:  Cinderella Project of the Shenandoah Valley
Instagram::  @cinderellapromproject

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20. Cinderella Story - Kathe Morrison

20. Cinderella Story - Kathe Morrison