DiscoverThe Cory Calvin Podcast20. What turns you on?, with Melissa Brickley
20. What turns you on?, with Melissa Brickley

20. What turns you on?, with Melissa Brickley

Update: 2021-01-14


Melissa and I met in Lisbon, Portugal, on a sidewalk at a Digital Nomad conference in 2018. We instantly hit it off and have become good friends. Melissa and I dive into listening to pings of excitement in your body and how to discover what turns you on .... and yes, it gets a little steamy and juicy. After listening to this episode, you will begin listening to your body in a different way and this may ultimately help align your gut with your brain to take action toward a richer and more successful life.

Melissa Brickley
Melissa has spent the last decade studying health and healing around the globe, with a certificate in Holistic Health, Bachelors Degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies and a Master's Degree in Global Health.

Following her own desire to travel the world she created her Oola life and business to be 100% location independent. In her commitment to improve and enrich peoples’ business, relationships and lives she spends her time teaching, mentoring and leading transformational experiences in cities around the world.

Instagram: @Mel_isma
Website: Melisma Living

You'll Learn

  • How to discover internal pings of excitement that will allow you to follow your truth
  • How to listen to nudges in life to guide you onto your path
  • Why curiosity will help you discover your true passions
  • How to discover your burning desires deep within yourself
  • How your body nudges you toward the path you ultimately desire
  • What is societal conditioning and how it can prevent people from finding ultimate happiness
  • How we are not taught how to recognize our bodies communication
  • Why we often ignore the communication our body is sharing with us
  • How your turn on energy will help you discover a more profound life
  • How a vision board will help you discover your joy and excitement
  • Where you can find your fun in life
  • Why we over complicate our lives that hides fun and joy
  • How you could be missing joy in life if you are missing joy in the bedroom
  • When you have breakthroughs in the bedroom, you will have breakthroughs in other areas in your life
  • What your fully expressed self looks like in the bedroom and in life
  • How we dream small and don't allow ourselves the full freedom to go for what we want
  • When you open yourself up to what is possible in life, you open yourself to a life of ease and comfort
  • Why intimacy is the thread that keeps us connected to others


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20. What turns you on?, with Melissa Brickley

20. What turns you on?, with Melissa Brickley

Cory Calvin