DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show201: Eric Schmidt | How a Coach Can Bring out the Best in You
201: Eric Schmidt | How a Coach Can Bring out the Best in You

201: Eric Schmidt | How a Coach Can Bring out the Best in You

Update: 2019-05-215


Eric Schmidt (@ericschmidt) is Technical Advisor and Board Member to Alphabet Inc., former Google CEO, and co-author of Trillion Dollar Coach: The Leadership Playbook of Silicon Valley's Bill Campbell.

What We Discuss with Eric Schmidt:

  • Privacy in the age of tech megacorporations and how much access the government should have to our data.

  • What the rise of China, the isolation of North Korea, and the western notion of privacy mean for a free and open Internet across cultures.

  • A realistic view of current day artificial intelligence and what we should expect from it in the future.

  • How idea generation is fostered inside a company like Google.

  • Why all top-performing executives in Silicon Valley have elite-level coaches, and why you should consider one as well.

  • And much more...

Full show notes and resources can be found here:

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good interview, I listen to podcast n not read books. I feel books are slow pace learning time consuming outdated soon n often put me to sleep. I prefer podcasts n spend like 6-7 hrs daily (while at workplace) because podcasts are fast pace a great variety of subjects, summarized great ideas n points squeezed in 1-2 hour from experts by great interviewers (ie: Jordan Harbinger/Joe Rogan). call me lazy or efficient 😉 time is scarce so much to learn,books r so old-school. I actually think if ppl don't podcast r similar to like ppl without color TV still watching black n white TV. u cavemenz! pfff

May 21st


Jordan Harbinger wow just 10% covered in podcasts..hmm thx Jordan u may be right. Your feedback helps. I may look into audiobooks if it's just 10 hours. I guess we can look at podcasts as good way to get nice short summaries n deep dive if some ideas connect well n explore deeper thru books n other contents. Another plus side for podcasts is that we get to hear the WHY N HOW guest came up with their ideas n how their personal life events lead them to it. so I definitely love podcasts, think they are growing popular when I see tv comedians (ie: Conan o Bryan) starting their own podcast. thx J man for quality guests.

May 22nd

Jordan Harbinger

ForexTraderNYC Disagree. Not reading books and only listening to podcasts is like reading the back covers and a random chapter or two of a book and thinking you understand and grasp what’s inside. Most podcasts just barely scratch the surface of what’s in a book. Audiobooks are routinely 10+ hours long, with only the author talking. Podcasts are maybe 10% of that with more than the author’s voice.

May 22nd
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201: Eric Schmidt | How a Coach Can Bring out the Best in You

201: Eric Schmidt | How a Coach Can Bring out the Best in You

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