DiscoverLess Stressed Life: Anti-inflammatory Functional Medicine#201 How to Sleep Train Your Child with Carianna Gibbs
#201 How to Sleep Train Your Child with Carianna Gibbs

#201 How to Sleep Train Your Child with Carianna Gibbs

Update: 2021-10-06


This week on The Less Stressed Life Podcast, I talk to Carianna Gibbs, a Pediatric Sleep Consultant about how to get your little one sleeping. We are all vastly aware that good sleep is imperative for everything else in our busy lives. AND, when kids sleep good, parents have a fighting chance at good sleep! Carianna answers all your burning questions about what is normal or not, how to implement a good sleep plan, and what might stand in the way.  Carianna's no-nonsense approach has guided and helped so many to better sleep for their children. A must-listen for all those struggling!

Key Takeaways:

  • Sleep Stages- What's normal for each age group? Newborn to 5 years old
  • Newborn Phase is all about practice- finding out what works
  • 4-24 Months "Baby/ Toddler Phase" Time to make changes, teach good sleep habits. Be intentional to improve sleep
  • When should my child start to sleep through the night?
  • 4 month sleep regression- Is this really a thing?
  • 2-5 year-old Toddler Phase
  • Sleep regression myths
  • Disturbed sleep: What's the reason?  Eczema, teething? Pulling up to stand. Especially if they haven’t learned to get back down. New motor skills or language development. 

Guest shared helpful tips on:

4 Tips to better baby & toddler sleep: 

  • Sleeping environment: Prep for good sleep. Darkroom, white noise (body always processing stimuli)---white noise will buffer and mask other sounds/stimuli (white, pink or brown noise all ok)
  • LectroFan classic: fan and white noise. And Kinder. 
  • Age-appropriate schedule: taking the right amount of naps
  • Independent sleep piece: 45 min brief waking:
  • Consistent predictable routines. Something we do every night. 
  • How to break bad habits- what do we do that does not support good sleep for our kids
  • Is it ok to let my child "Cry it out?"
  • How to be intentional with sleep training

Mentioned in this episode:

  • LectroFan

About Guest: 

Carianna Gibb is a Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Mom of 2 boys who helps tired and overwhelmed moms teach their littles to love sleep. She offers no-nonsense sleep advice for ages 0-5 years. Carianna created All The Sleeps because she believes adequate sleep is extremely important not only for growing little ones but also for their families. 

Where to find Carianna:

On IG @allthesleeps

Where to find Christa:

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#201 How to Sleep Train Your Child with Carianna Gibbs

#201 How to Sleep Train Your Child with Carianna Gibbs