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2021 Moraine State Park Regatta

2021 Moraine State Park Regatta

Update: 2021-06-24


Summer is finally here and one of the best events in Western Pennsylvania will be here before we know it! The 2021 Moraine State Park Regatta will be held August 6th-8th at the Moraine State Park South Shore. Amanda Becker, owner of Appleseed Events LLC and Event Director, joins the show to share all of the fun and exciting events planned for the entire weekend.

The Moraine State Park Regatta aims to showcase eco-recreational activities for all ages and promote Moraine State Park. Featuring water and land recreational opportunities for all ages, nature-themed experiences and vendors from the local community, the event has something for everyone.

There will be lessons and outings available for attendees throughout the weekend will include kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, sailboat rides, guided hikes, yoga, tai chi, and more. A full schedule of available events is linked below and free sign-ups are now available. All attendees must register for activities online and sign a general waiver to participate.

Join the Regatta and release a Monarch butterfly in honor of a special someone, in memory of a loved one, or just for fun! Monarch butterflies are now available for pre-purchase (see below).

Claim your pre-purchased butterfly at the table that corresponds with the first letter of the purchaser’s last name between 2:30-3:30 PM on Sunday, August 8th. This release fills the sky with the color and movement of one of nature’s most beautiful creatures, the Western Pennsylvania Monarch. After 4:00 PM, individuals who pre-purchased Monarchs are welcome to release their butterflies in private, or alongside the mass release. Names (in honor of/in memory of) that were included at the time of purchase will be listed on the Regatta website. At 4:00 PM, we will present a mass release of nearly 500 butterflies.

For more information about the Moraine State Park Regatta and all of the events scheduled:









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2021 Moraine State Park Regatta

2021 Moraine State Park Regatta