DiscoverAdvance #BornGlobal2022 GameChangers EP17: Nicole Rycroft
2022 GameChangers EP17: Nicole Rycroft

2022 GameChangers EP17: Nicole Rycroft

Update: 2023-01-05


In this episode, you will meet Nicole Rycroft, Sustainability Awardee in the Global Australian Awards 2022. 

Ms Rycroft has been transforming unsustainable supply chains to save the world’s forests for over two decades. As founder and Executive Director of award winning environmental not-for-profit, Canopy, Ms Rycroft works with some of the world’s biggest publishing, print and fashion companies to introduce sustainable solutions for the manufacture and distribution of everyday products. A passionate environmental activist, she had stood on blockade frontlines to prevent bulldozers and chainsaws from tearing down endangered forests for the purpose of producing every-day items like books, packaging and t-shirts. But she knew lasting change would require more than picket lines. In order to change corporate behaviour, she needed to change corporate consumer behaviours, which to date had accepted the destruction of ancient forests in exchange for cheap, convenient goods.

In this episode, get a behind the scenes perspective of Nicole’s trailblazing journey, as she shares how much these supply chains impact either the prosperity or destruction of our environment.  Nicole’s experience in developing her not-for-profit from the ground up is an inspiration to all as she leads us on the path to climate stability.

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2022 GameChangers EP17: Nicole Rycroft

2022 GameChangers EP17: Nicole Rycroft