DiscoverAdvance #BornGlobal2022 GameChangers EP25: Caroline Malcolm
2022 GameChangers EP25: Caroline Malcolm

2022 GameChangers EP25: Caroline Malcolm

Update: 2023-01-24


In this episode, you will meet Caroline Malcolm, Education & Research GameChanger in the Global Australian Awards 2022. 

Caroline Malcolm is one of the world’s most influential voices on blockchain and digital assets, and their impact on international public policy. As a senior leader working at the intersection of technology and financial systems, Ms Malcolm has spent the past decade at the forefront of global policy-making on tech, finance and tax issues. She was the founding Head of the OECD’s Global Blockchain Policy Centre, which became the hub for the OECD’s work relating to distributed ledger technologies and a trusted reference point for policymakers across the globe working to understand this new frontier. In her new role at Head of International Public Policy and Research at blockchain data platform Chainalysis, Ms Malcolm continues to shape the way governments and industry engage with this emerging technology, leveraging data analytics to educate regulators on the future of the sector.

In this interview, Ms Malcolm gives us insight into her work in the blockchain and digital assets space. She shares with us how important the work is around global policy making to ensure the safety of this digital sector.  Ms Malcolm also gives excellent advice for those interested in working in this area.

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2022 GameChangers EP25: Caroline Malcolm

2022 GameChangers EP25: Caroline Malcolm