DiscoverTrue Crime Obsessed205: Dateline: "Mommy Doomsday"
205: Dateline: "Mommy Doomsday"

205: Dateline: "Mommy Doomsday"

Update: 2021-10-2813


Lori Vallow was devoted wife and mother, but then people around her started dying. And THEN her children vanished. Lori insisted to the police that the children were fine and being cared for by friends in other states, but that story quickly fell apart. And THEEEEENNNN Lori and her new husband, Chad Daybell (whose first wife ALSO died under mysterious circumstances) fled to Hawaii. And if you don't know the insane thing that happened next, "Well, you're gonna want to give this episode a listen" [said in Gillian's best Keith Morrison voice]

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Brandy E

I have never heard Patricia squeal with laughter and snort so many times. great episode. Gillian keep calling her garbage and stay on that soapbox. We are all behind you!

Oct 28th
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205: Dateline: "Mommy Doomsday"

205: Dateline: "Mommy Doomsday"

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