DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show206: How to Disappear from an Unstoppable Stalker | Feedback Friday
206: How to Disappear from an Unstoppable Stalker | Feedback Friday

206: How to Disappear from an Unstoppable Stalker | Feedback Friday

Update: 2019-05-319


Getting a stalker to drop their obsession with you is seldom as simple as just telling them to go away -- if anything, that might just make the problem worse. So what can you do? In this Feedback Friday, we'll try to show you how to disappear from an unstoppable stalker without escalating an already bad situation.

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • How do you get a mentally ill stalker -- who seems to track you down no matter how many precautions you take -- to leave you alone for good?

  • What should you do when your long-term significant other is an alcoholic in denial who regularly drinks themselves into becoming someone you don't like?

  • You had a breakup because you couldn't commit to marriage after 2.5 years. You want to wait until you're 100 percent ready, but when will that happen?

  • With Jordan in Silicon Valley and Jason in Los Angeles, how do we seamlessly make it sound like we're in the same room for Feedback Friday episodes?

  • After multiple attempts to make it work with your Narcissistic Personality Disorder diagnosed ex, how do you truly move on and work on yourself?

  • You've been mulling over the basics of starting a product-based business. What should you worry about now and what could be put off for later?

  • While reaching out by text to dusty connections per our free Six-Minute Networking course, how do you know when it's time to make a graceful exit from the conversation?

  • There's no doubt that finding a coach to help you through anything personal or professional can be valuable -- but how do you find the right coach?

  • Life Pro Tip: Budget $20-50 for a "just because" gift each month to someone.

  • Recommendation of the Week: BlacKkKlansman

  • Quick shoutouts to John Raynaud and Gene DeFillippo!

  • Have any questions, comments, or stories you'd like to share with us? Drop us a line at!

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Allison Phillips

(Re: 206 last person comment) While I think Java is a great first language (I say this as the author of the 30 Days of Code tutorial series), this person sounds like a dabbler and I agree something like Python would be better for them to learn as an intro (or only) language where you can accomplish a lot without fully understanding what you’re doing. I would suggest they check out courses on Udemy (sign up for their emails — they have sales all the time and you can end up with courses for under $20 that enable you to learn at your own pace), get a highly-rated intro book, or if they’re really committed to self-driven learning they could get an O’Reilly Safari membership for access to books and videos about pretty much anything they might want to learn. Right now it seems their biggest issue is choice paralysis and they need to pick a thing, designate X time every day to developing it, and set a deadline for themselves to check in and see if they want to continue. Even if they cut their losses, they’ve still gained valuable context about the thing and also peace of mind because they will have found a new passion or know it’s not for them. Also the stalker advice earlier is 100% the only thing that works (or at least drastically reduces stalking incidences).

Jun 4th
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the last guy on feedback Friday should definitely take Python and not java. It is easier to learn and use in non Enterprise web application contexts. It really shines in scripting and machine learning, data science. which makes it much more versatile and useful if you have it as an addition to your usual work. you could write scripts that ease up your normal work. That's much harder to do in java. I would only suggest java if you want to be a full-time software engineer. cheers

Jun 1st
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206: How to Disappear from an Unstoppable Stalker | Feedback Friday

206: How to Disappear from an Unstoppable Stalker | Feedback Friday

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