DiscoverTop Real Estate Agents Tell How They Do It: Jere Metcalf Podcast207. Daniel Heider: How to 100X Your Social Media
207. Daniel Heider: How to 100X Your Social Media

207. Daniel Heider: How to 100X Your Social Media

Update: 2021-02-04


Back for a 3rd interview!!!
I’m talking to Daniel Heider of TTR Sotheby's International Realty in Washington DC.

For those of you who don’t know Daniel yet, he is the Washington Capital Region’s wunderkind of real estate.

In short, he’s been in business for just 7 years and has quickly reached unmatched levels of success.  This does not exclude, his well over 100 million in sales each year.

In our first interview, episode 174, we talked about
"How to Breakthrough Your Perceived Limits."

In our 2nd interview, episode 203,  we talked about
"How to Grow at Warp Speed in a Way that Serves Your Clients."

Today, with almost (or over) 2 and half-million followers on Tiktok, and a measly almost 50,000 followers on Instagram, this time, we couldn't bring him back and talk about 
"How to 100X Your Social Media"

01:53 - A little about and an update on Daniel Heider
05:06 - Daniel shares his story of Tiktok
09:37 - How Tiktok helps to grow Instagram
14:35 - Some of the best advice on creating  Social Media Posts
16:44 - Daniel talks about his marketing director
21:15 - How to step into the listing with a different vision
29:35 - A challenge of email subject lines
41:51 - Daniel shares story about how his friend launched on Instagram
55:00 - The Top three tips on building out and maximizing your social media

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"Right now, it's a really difficult time for people, why not connect with people digitally in a way that's going to make them laugh, make them  smile, make them nod their head, make them WOW."

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207. Daniel Heider: How to 100X Your Social Media

207. Daniel Heider: How to 100X Your Social Media

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