DiscoverScaling UP! H2O209 The One To Listen To If You Ever Want To Have Enough Money To Retire
209 The One To Listen To If You Ever Want To Have Enough Money To Retire

209 The One To Listen To If You Ever Want To Have Enough Money To Retire

Update: 2021-08-27


 As you know, we started this podcast to “Scale up our knowledge, so we don’t scale up our systems”. Many of you requested to have another episode about finances, and I couldn’t think of a better person to have on the show than my company’s CFO, Mike Iverson.  Mike is a CPA and owns Trillium Financial. 

I think Mike’s superpower is his ability to take a very complex subject, such as ‘how much money I need to retire, and he can explain that to anyone in a language that they understand. He effortlessly gives people the tools and handles they need to be able to run their personal and business finances.

The biggest gift Mike has given me over the years is the gift of clarity. He can look at spreadsheets and glean so much wisdom from the numbers, and then he teaches me what he sees. Because of his knowledge and expertise, I can make wise business moves. 

Today he is going to touch on so many topics that will help all of us scale up our knowledge, but all of them have one thing in common: finance.

Bottom line: If you make money and want to know the best things you can do for your future with your money, Mike Iverson has the perfect financial plan for you.

Your roadside friend, as you travel from client to client. 




Introducing my company’s CFO, Mike Iverson [8:23 ]

What is your outlook for post-pandemic? [15:01 ]

What do people need to know about retirement?  [18:10 ]

The perfect retirement formula [28:07 ]

How do you save for retirement? [33:02 ]

The importance of a “financial checkup” [36:35 ]

Changing your thinking from ‘budget restrictions’ to ‘achieving your passions’ [40:35 ]

Lightning round questions [42:04 ]

James’ Challenge: Find and share parts per million (ppm) analogies (e.g., 1 minute in 2 years) [56:47 ]



“Always think: how can I set aside money for my future.”  -Mike Iverson

“I learned that successful people didn’t need to know everything, they needed to know someone who knew more about the topics that they were facing.” - Trace Blackmore

“Life is too hard to do alone, that’s why I started The Rising Tide Mastermind, so you don’t have to suffer making mistakes doing everything yourself.” - Trace Blackmore

“We’ve got quite the journey ahead.” -Mike Iverson

“When it comes to finances, it’s 80% behavior and 20% math.” -Mike Iverson

“I geek out on personal finance.” -Mike Iverson

“I encourage all my business owners to invest long-term using compound interest.” -Mike Iverson

“Compound interest: There are those who understand it, and those who pay it.” - Albert Einstein

“Stay with it. Stay in it. And you will see your investments grow.”  -Mike Iverson

“Start investing. Take some action.”   -Mike Iverson

“There’s no time like the present. It is never too late to start investing.”   -Mike Iverson

“I have an insatiable desire to learn.”  -Mike Iverson


Connect with Mike:

Phone: 404-353-2148 




Links Mentioned:

Marty Stephens’ episode 205 

Mike Iverson’s episode 11 

The Trinity Study 

The Rising Tide Mastermind

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AWT Annual Convention   September 21 through 25

StormCon (in person WI)  September 13 through 15 

Business Webinar with Michael Warady - @11am October 29

The Hang Networking Event- @6pm November 11


Books Mentioned:

Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

Simple Path To Wealth by JL Collins 

Richest Man In Babylon by George Clason 

Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins 

Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey


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209 The One To Listen To If You Ever Want To Have Enough Money To Retire

209 The One To Listen To If You Ever Want To Have Enough Money To Retire