DiscoverUplift My Life Today#21 - Let's demystify SHAME - Nena Martinez
#21 - Let's demystify SHAME - Nena Martinez

#21 - Let's demystify SHAME - Nena Martinez

Update: 2020-04-13


Go-Getters, pay attention!!!

Do you know that shame corrodes the very part of us that believes we are capable of change? 

This is one of the lessons I learnt from Dr. Brené Brown’s study about living life courageously.

You are driven to achieve and you love to grow. You also want to remain grounded, contented and energized in the process.

For that, join my conversation in my newest podcast episode with Nena Martinez, a “Daring Way” Consultant, where we are demystifying what shame is, what breeds shame, what will happen when we’re not transmuting shame and also some tools on how to do that. We also discuss how this impacts the way we parent.

See you in this episode!


00:00      Welcome

04:35      What shame is and how it manifests tangibly in our lives. Is shame that bad?

14:15        Can I still achieve and grow without shame?

20:35      What is Shame Resilience process?

24:30      How secrecy, judgment and silence breeds shame. What can dissolve shame.

26:45       What empathy and sympathy is and how they differ.

30:35      The difference between secret and silence. How we can show up in the best way for others who are sharing secrets.

33:15       The cost of keeping secrets. What to consider before sharing a secret to others.

40:15       How to stop ourselves from judging.

42:10       Is shame facing influenced by culture? What are the costs of not letting shame go?

48:45      Why do we shame our kids so much as parents?  What is parenting?

57:00      What we can be more mindful of when doing the role of parents.

1:01:05    Summary

1:02:15     How to get in touch with Nena Martinez and what support she can do for you.

Set up an appointment with me here when you’re ready to face and let go shame. The first 30 minutes coaching is free of charge.

Inputs, questions, feedback or suggestion for topics – write me at Thanks!

To get in touch with Nena Martinez, connect with her here: Facebook, Instagram and LINKEDIN.

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#21 - Let's demystify SHAME - Nena Martinez

#21 - Let's demystify SHAME - Nena Martinez

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