DiscoverInside The Ride#21 Joe Harvey - Filmmaker & Rollerblader
#21 Joe Harvey - Filmmaker & Rollerblader

#21 Joe Harvey - Filmmaker & Rollerblader

Update: 2019-05-27


Joe Harvey is a fellow filmmaker and good friend who I’ve been sharing a studio in London with for the past couple of years. When I first met Joe he was super keen to grab every opportunity that came his way no matter how big or small, it's been really cool to see where that's got him and he’s now working on productions with much bigger budgets as a director and DP. He’s also in the process of starting up a new production company and agency with his mate Robbie called Raygun, so we chat quite a bit about the processes they’ve been going through to get that off the ground. 
Outside of creating video content he makes a lot of time for rollerblading which has also crossed over into his work and from time to time he gets booked to skate around with a camera in his hand and has even been a gimbal operator on ice skates before. 
Recently he's been exploring new ways of making money through his rollerblading videos. We chat about VoD (video on demand) which takes the old model of videos you would have bought in a skate shop in the 90’s but now you can buy a download and 100% of the money goes straight to the filmmaker and skater. He was about to head to Barcelona with a pro rollerblader to shoot one of these videos so that should be available on in the next couple of months.
It was fun to chat to Joe about everything he’s got going on at the moment, if you’re someone who’s looking to get into film production this will probably be a great podcast for you!
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#21 Joe Harvey - Filmmaker & Rollerblader

#21 Joe Harvey - Filmmaker & Rollerblader

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