#21 Rachael

#21 Rachael

Update: 2018-11-1526


Ten years ago, Rachael had a baby. She never told the father. All these years later, she thinks it’s about time she did.

Heavyweight is hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein.
This episode was also produced by Kalila Holt, Peter Bresnan, and Stevie Lane.
Editing by Jorge Just, with additional editing by Alex Blumberg.
Special thanks to Emily Condon, Katelyn Bogucki, Andrew Goldberg, Rachel Ward, and Jackie Cohen.
The show was mixed by Bobby Lord. 
Music by Christine Fellows, John K Samson, Blue Dot Sessions, Bobby Lord, Michael Charles Smith, Hew Time, and Benny Reid. Our theme song is by The Weakerthans courtesy of Epitaph Records, and our ad music is by Haley Shaw.
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Good episode as always. Kinda wish Rachael would tell Lena outright that she had two half siblings out there. That’s not something that’s going to cross a 10 year olds mind to ask. Even if Rachael had no idea how to facilitate a meet up now, it’d be something Lena could chew on and reach out herself if she wanted via Facebook a few years down the road...

Dec 3rd


you won't get a crumb from me... BECAUSE IM FROM THE STREETS OF COMPTON

Dec 2nd

Matt Maitland

usps letter carrier here! and I love your podcast! i look forward to listening to it as soon as a new episode drops

Nov 26th
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#7 Julia
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#7 Julia


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#21 Rachael

#21 Rachael