DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den Lennie21 lessons from 12 years in business. EP #178 - Den Lennie
21 lessons from 12 years in business. EP #178 - Den Lennie

21 lessons from 12 years in business. EP #178 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-04-28


Today, Den reveals 21 hard-won lessons from 12-years in business.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Den's honest-to-God thoughts about vision boards. - 3:00
  • A certain character trait EVERY highly successful business owner or entrepreneur has in spades. (Without this critical trait, well... your chances of success are about as slim as Kate Moss on a juice-only diet. - 4:45 )
  • Quite possible the ultimate motivation for any freelancer/business owner or entrepreneur who feels like giving up. (Next time you feel like throwing in the towel, just think of what's mentioned at 5:14 and this proverbial "stick" will give you that pep in your step to keep on keepin' on.)
  • A little-known reading "hack" that will allow even folks who are slow readers to quickly consume content as much 2, 3, or even 5 times faster than you do now. - 6:15
  • Perhaps the single most important tip Den shares in this entire episode. But don't get too excited, now. It's incredibly dull and unsexy. That said, if you embrace it and heed the advice, you'll set yourself up for great success. - 7:20
  • Den's clever phone “trick” for never having to listen to people's long-winded voice messages or any voice messages, for that matter. (But… doesn't he miss out on important business matters? Nope. Here' why... 8:20 )
  • A BIG risk almost every freelancer takes that can be avoided. - 14:30
  • The very first hire you should make for your freelance business. Forget everything else until you have this key person in place. - 18:50
  • What's best: renting or buying equipment? Well, it depends. Hear Den's advice at 21:30
  • A tempting business option to take that nearly always ends in tears, and that’s putting it mildly. - 23:00
  • Hard-nosed insider advice on forming a business partnership. - 23:10
  • Are you considering forming a business partnership with a friend? Then you should listen carefully at 24:00
  • Why Den recently knocked back a lucrative gig from Sony. -27:00
  • Why ideas (even great ideas) are totally overrated. - 29:00
  • The secret to becoming a force of nature in business. This is the big secret behind every truly successful business person. (If you can make what's mentioned at 29:30 a habit in your daily business life, then you will start to appear superhuman to others while they struggle to keep up, and... wonder what your secret is.)

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21 lessons from 12 years in business. EP #178 - Den Lennie

21 lessons from 12 years in business. EP #178 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie