DiscoverYour Virtual Upline Podcast215: Consistency Trumps Intensity
215: Consistency Trumps Intensity

215: Consistency Trumps Intensity

Update: 2021-02-231


One of the biggest myths that gets thrown around in network marketing is this → 

“The only way succeed is to take MASSIVE ACTION!”

If you think success means sacrificing family life, THIS podcast is exactly what you need to hear!  

This idea of putting in 100% total INTENSITY of effort while trading off every other area of your life has become the common narrative when it comes to creating success.

It’s the ‘all or nothing’ mentality that creates such a problem for most people, and in the process, makes them think that success in their business must come at the expense of their life.

But I’m here to tell you, that’s a great big LIE.

Not just because pushing at maximum intensity all the time burns you out really quick, and sets back your success for a long time … but also because this limiting belief actually STOPS most network marketers from even showing up! 

So many network marketers don’t even make the effort, because they’ve been sold this idea of ‘what it takes’ to create true success in their business and they are not willing to pay that high of a price. 

I’m not saying that ‘hard work’ or periods of more intense effort aren’t beneficial and necessary from time to time.

But if those things are the norm for you in your business… that’s a problem.

In this episode, I want to present a new definition of ‘massive action’ for you to follow in your business... and it’s based on a simple idea.

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215: Consistency Trumps Intensity

215: Consistency Trumps Intensity