DiscoverTin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli#217: Hollow Earth with Tim Swartz
#217: Hollow Earth with Tim Swartz

#217: Hollow Earth with Tim Swartz

Update: 2019-08-0212


Thank you so much for tuning in for another Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome to the Tim Swartz to talk Hollow Earth. Thank you so much for your support.

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Daniel Stout

If Jesus Christ was really God Himself in the flesh, why wouldn't that whole story be good enough for you??? Ahhh its cuz you done some nasty shit and finding out there's no such thing as privacy would freak you out lol...i been there. Simulation theory...the matrix...lizard people..aliens seeded this planet...aliens turned monkeys into men...we live in a hologram....interdimensional beings are visiting us...shape shifters are real....My point is this. How come all that crazy shit seems plausible, but the idea of Jesus being the Son of God who the Creator Himself sacrificed because He loves us so much, how come that idea is hogwash to you people? I get that religions can suck. But I believe in Jesus because the same Words that I read today, are the same Words that were written within 30 years of Jesus's life. We have more evidence for that, than we do Plato or Socrates by a 72 to 1 margin. Yet, Plato is taught in colleges while Jesus is discounted. Thats insane...Read His teachings and try your best to live by it. Just because there are a bunch of insane groups of people out their who claim to represent those teachings, does not invalidate the teachings themselves. Hell, more often than not, you find those groups not even teaching what Jesus taught. And so what if we're hypocrites? Isn't everyone to an extent? Brushing your teeth is vital to a healthy mouth. If I told you to brush your teeth, yet didn't do it myself, does that invalidate the fact that it's healthy to do so? Hell no, that's laughable. Apply that to Christians. Don't listen to what others say about Christ. Christ can speak for Himself. Simply read the book of John in a language that you speak, and judge Christianity based on that, not what others say about it. Because half the time, they're speaking out their ass. Peace!

Aug 3rd
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#217: Hollow Earth with Tim Swartz

#217: Hollow Earth with Tim Swartz

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