DiscoverUplift My Life Today#22 - Facing Grief with a Life Crisis Coach Karin Hagelin
#22 - Facing Grief with a Life Crisis Coach Karin Hagelin

#22 - Facing Grief with a Life Crisis Coach Karin Hagelin

Update: 2020-05-13


Grief happens when we experience a sense of loss, beyond just death: loss of health, relationship, normality, freedom, status, position, job, power, basically anything that you have, you can lose.

When you choose to transform yourself, you will go through a grieving phase, for whatever it is you choose to part ways with, including your old self.

We, Go-getters, are driven individuals who really wish to make a positive dent in the world and also in our lives. Yet, grief is a topic that is often a blind spot for us.

“I don’t have time to grief”; “I must be strong for my family”; “Suck it up and move on”; “Feeling takes so much energy and time”; “I hate crying”; “I can’t be sad when I am still here”; are just some self-talk we have when facing grief.

All of you reading this deserve to have the life that you desire and to grow in the way that you wish.

For that, get to know grief and integrate that into your life. It will un-stuck you, your life and your loved ones.

This episode is my conversation with Karin Hagelin on what grief is, how this shows up in your life, what the costs are when you’re not facing it, how to do it and how to support others in grief.

She is a Life Crisis Coach based in Zurich, Switzerland, who helps people from many countries manage grief, loss and trauma; get relief from stress and anxiety; release unhealthy patterns of thought and behaviour; and heal relationships.


00:00            Welcome and introduction

10:15         What grief is, the symptoms, what is required to face grief, and how we got disconnected from an in-built process to face grief in our cultures.

13:10  What can trigger grief

19:40  How grief manifests in our body and our feelings.

23:12  What happens to our body when we grief.

26:45  Symptoms to know when to start grieving, when to get help and how to grief together with others.

34:10  How to support others who experience grief

40:33  Signs that we are well in processing grief

45:18  The costs of delaying or not processing grief

49:50  How to face grief. Emergency tool to overcome unexpected overpowering grief emotion.

55:55  Resources to use to support a grieving journey.

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Set up an appointment here when you’re ready experience a free of charge 30-minute virtual session to declutter grief-related trapped emotions.

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#22 - Facing Grief with a Life Crisis Coach Karin Hagelin

#22 - Facing Grief with a Life Crisis Coach Karin Hagelin

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