DiscoverThe Be Glad Movement from Pollyanna22. Faye Kilgour - What right did I have to feel so bad?
22. Faye Kilgour - What right did I have to feel so bad?

22. Faye Kilgour - What right did I have to feel so bad?

Update: 2020-05-12


In this episode I talk to Faye Kilgour. I think this interview is important for the times we find ourselves living through at the moment. This is a very open and honest account of a time when Faye suffered with her mental health and anxiety. At no point does Faye try to dress down her privileged position and I commend her for that because the message truly is, that it doesn’t matter how much the outside world thinks you do or don’t have, illness is illness. I know incredibly fit and strong people struck down with cancer, physical fitness does not ensure we are immune to physical ailments so why should money and the trappings of what many would consider a gifted life mean that person is immune to mental illness. I’m no angel and I’ll be the first to admit that in the past I’ve come out with statements like ‘What have they got to be worried about, etc’ but as time has passed and my own demons have come to challenge me the more I know that you just cannot judge others. We simply have no idea what they grew up with and how life has impacted them. Anyway without further ado lets hand over to Faye.

Personally I feel Faye was very selfless and brave to tell her story. I know there are many people out there who feel like they aren’t entitled to feel the way they to, especially from the military community, people from the military community with complex ptsd who actually were traumatise by life before the services, then found safety in the structure of the armed forces only to suffer again when they were back into civvy street thinking they aren’t allowed to feel bad because they never went to a war zone or got a leg blow off. Please don’t compare yourself to others, reach out for help and talk about how your are feeling. My favourites as always being the Samaritans, freephone from the UK on 116 123, that number again is 116 123.

In this episode we talk about:-



Mental Health

Comparing yourself to others

Healthy practices for mental fitness

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22. Faye Kilgour - What right did I have to feel so bad?

22. Faye Kilgour - What right did I have to feel so bad?