DiscoverDeer Hunt by Big Buck Registry223 DAVE PAULIDES - Missing Hunters 411, The Stranger Things
223 DAVE PAULIDES - Missing Hunters 411, The Stranger Things

223 DAVE PAULIDES - Missing Hunters 411, The Stranger Things

Update: 2017-10-2810


You are about to listen to a series of stories where the victims never thought they'd be lost. The vast majority of these stories have never been documented before at this level. Dave Paulides, author of the book Missing 411 - Hunters - Unexplained Disappearances, part of a series backed by the CanAm Project, decided to delve deeper and investigate a subset of missing persons, specifically those who disappeared in National Parks and Forests. Dave identified a deeper subset of missing person that hit home with us, specifically hunters with skill sets whom you could never imagine deemed missing, much less lost,  all of which were never found.  Dave explains how he first came across this unusual subset of missing victims,  shares with us five of the many stories in his book, and attempts to put some perspective on what each of these cases have in common. 

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  • New Law Helps Towns Cull Deer 
  • Disease Kills 100s of Deer Before Deer Season
  • Did You Know?  Massive Decline in Hunters


  • National Parks, Investigative Urge
  • Different Types of Missing Person Cases
  • Disappearing People in Parks
  • Freedom of Information Acts, Attorney's Call
  • No Lists of Missing Persons in Parks
  • George Knapp - Dave They're Lying
  • Profile Points, Clusters in North America
  • Missing 411, 1600 Disappearances in Rural Areas
  • 99% Alone at Time of Disappearance
  • Animal Predation, Rule Out, Exclusions
  • An Unusual Sub Group
  • The Most Experienced Hunter
  • Yukon Territory 2004, Bart Schlyer
  • 100s of Cases of Missing Hunters
  • A Disagreement  About What Went Down
  • A Local Report for Local Consumption
  • A Political Dismissal 
  • Maine, November 13, 1993
  • Disrobing and Hypothermia
  • The Adirondacks, Thomas Messick
  • Lilly Lake, 82 Years of Age and a Team of FBI
  • Cadaver Dogs
  • A Fallen Tree
  • The Southern Coast of Oregon
  • Searching for Months and Months
  • Emails from Hunters and a Physicist
  • Predator, and Anonymous Reporting
  • A Paradigm, True Stories, No Easy Explanations
  • Safety Tips and Cuz Strickland
  • The CanAm Missing Project

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips


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223 DAVE PAULIDES - Missing Hunters 411, The Stranger Things

223 DAVE PAULIDES - Missing Hunters 411, The Stranger Things

Jay Scott Ammann