DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast225 - The Dance Clinic with Kirsti Mann
225 - The Dance Clinic with Kirsti Mann

225 - The Dance Clinic with Kirsti Mann

Update: 2022-09-22


Kirsti Mann is the owner of The Dance Clinic and Highett Podiatry in Melbourne, Victoria, and she is known as the Dance Podiatrist and renowned for her work with dancers.

Kirsti enjoys the challenge of a difficult injury, and her ‘Return to Dance’ program has been instrumental in building a collaborative environment with teachers, other allied health professionals, doctors and the dancer to achieve the best outcomes for each dancer.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Opening her first business within 12 months of graduating.
  • Positive and negative experiences with employers.
  • Why it’s the employer’s responsibility to look after new graduates.
  • The need for Dance Podiatry.
  • Pre-Pointe Assessments
  • Creating a sub-business based on your interests.
  • Spending time on your special interests within podiatry will make your job and career far more exciting.
  • Approach your employer and talk about the special interests you have. They may be excited to help you introduce this special interest into the clinic.
  • At 32 years of age decided to have a baby via IVF.
  • Podiatry offers you flexibility and a great lifestyle.

Final Tip

Remain Positive and maintain a positive outlook. Really connect with your peers and form good relationships.

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225 - The Dance Clinic with Kirsti Mann

225 - The Dance Clinic with Kirsti Mann

Tyson E Franklin