DiscoverSide Hustle Pro229: How to Actually Make Money Podcasting
229: How to Actually Make Money Podcasting

229: How to Actually Make Money Podcasting

Update: 2020-12-091


Whether you’re thinking about starting a podcast or already have one, one of the biggest questions that you might have is: “Will I even make money doing this?” And the short answer is: “yes!”

After a year of earning consistent revenue with my podcast, I was able to quit my job to focus on Side Hustle Pro full-time, all in the name of monetization. I didn’t start out with the mindset of making money off my podcast, but I quickly began to test and see that it was possible. Trust me, I secured a $4,000 multi-month sponsorship contract on my first try.

In this week’s episode, I help you set realistic expectations when it comes to podcast monetization. I also breakdown how, exactly, to make money podcasting, and how and when I started earning revenue. There are tons of ways to do it, and we’ll focus on the big three:

  • Creating valuable content for future clients
  • Developing products listeners love and need, and 
  • All things sponsorships 

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229: How to Actually Make Money Podcasting

229: How to Actually Make Money Podcasting