DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast229 - Kent Sweeting I Just Kept Saying YES
229 - Kent Sweeting I Just Kept Saying YES

229 - Kent Sweeting I Just Kept Saying YES

Update: 2022-10-21


Kent Sweeting graduated from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, in 2004 and over his career, he has kept saying yes to every opportunity presented to him. 

This 'just say yes' attitude has been integral to developing his career from clinical podiatrist and owner of Performance Podiatry & Physio to researcher and eventual owner of Queensland Orthotic Lab.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Why he decided to leave a well-established running clinic to pursue a broader scope of podiatry practice.  
  • Setting up his practice with his brother. 
  • The tough learning curve of business ownership.
  • Patients can wear you down over time. 
  • Buying the Queensland Orthotic Lab.
  • Why saying yes made a huge impact on his career. 
  • Saying YES leads to other opportunities. Some you don't see coming. 

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229 - Kent Sweeting I Just Kept Saying YES

229 - Kent Sweeting I Just Kept Saying YES

Tyson E Franklin