2/3 My Purpose Redefined

2/3 My Purpose Redefined

Update: 2023-04-12


Welcome to Leaders Lead Podcast.

Today, I want to talk about purpose and how it can be discovered through pain. I truly believe that pain is the road to purpose, and joy is found when we help others find their purpose. I want to share my own story of how I found my purpose and hope that it will inspire others to reflect on their own struggles and use those experiences to help others.

I was afraid of public speaking. But one day, I had to give a speech at work. I talked about the injustices that my colleagues were going through and assured them that I was working on it. I even went as far as to say that if anyone was going to get fired, it would be me. Afterward, a lady approached me and said that my speech had saved her life. She was thinking of quitting and taking her life due to her fear of losing her job, but my words brought her joy back. This experience moved me to pursue public speaking, even though I was still afraid. I was determined to follow what I believed God was telling me to do.

Another pivotal moment for me was when I was about to give a speech to my daughter's class. I felt immense pressure not to disappoint her, so I prayed to God to make me the best motivational speaker I could be. I felt a tingling inside of my body, and for the next three years, my family went on a wild ride. We faced some of the biggest pains we had ever gone through, and my leadership as a father was tested like never before. But through it all, I realized that God had a bigger plan for me than I could have ever imagined and that speaking was just a part of it.

My family has been through a difficult journey with our babies, who were diagnosed with a rare condition called pandas - a form of brain encephalitis caused by an infection or even just a common cold.

Though it was a challenging time, I felt my leadership grow - both personally and externally - as I provided support for my wife and family. And now, I realize that my purpose is to use my experience to support other families who are going through similar situations, and to raise awareness so that no other babies have to go through what my babies went through.

In conclusion, finding your purpose through pain is not an easy journey, but it is a necessary one. I encourage everyone to reflect on their own struggles and use those experiences to help others.

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2/3 My Purpose Redefined

2/3 My Purpose Redefined