DiscoverThe Public Sector Pod#23 Twenty Years Of Transformation with Alex Cousins
#23 Twenty Years Of Transformation with Alex Cousins

#23 Twenty Years Of Transformation with Alex Cousins

Update: 2019-06-11


We're interviewing Digital Transformation specialists across the country to find out how they're approaching their digital transformation process and how the use of AI, automation, machine learning and chatbot technology can help councils to save money, increase efficiencies and improve customer service.

This week, we spoke to Alex Cousins, Business Development Director at Capita whose career stems back to the 1980’s when she spent 16 years working in various roles in Liverpool City Council. In 2001, she spent nearly four years working as Head of E-Government at Hammersmith & Fulham Council before moving into Local Government Consulting. In 2006, she then became Transformation Sales Director at BT Global Services before moving into a Local Government and Communities Executive role at Hewlett-Packard. Since 2015, she's been working as the Business Development Director at Capita.

With over 20 years experience working within local authorities as well as many years working within the private sector organisations, Alex offers a fantastic birds eye view of Digital Transformation across the board. We talk about how has emerging technology and working within a more digital environment has been received and adopted within the public sector and Alex shares some success stories as well as roadblocks along the way.

We talk about her involvement with The Northern Powerhouse, a project aimed to rebalance the economy with over £13bn worth of planned investments to be spent on place based infrastructure. Five years in, we ask Alex how has this project been rolled out, what impact it's had and whether there's been a ROI.

Capita are working on some really exciting projects of late and Alex has pitched Ismail Alma, Patrick Gormley and Serge Torbin as the ones to watch so be sure to watch out for what these digital pioneers are up to over the following months. 

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#23 Twenty Years Of Transformation with Alex Cousins

#23 Twenty Years Of Transformation with Alex Cousins

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