DiscoverSide Hustle Pro230: How Black Women Can Build Legacy Wealth
230: How Black Women Can Build Legacy Wealth

230: How Black Women Can Build Legacy Wealth

Update: 2020-12-163


In this week’s episode, we talk about building and leaving lasting generational wealth in the African-American community. Dr. Pamela Jolly shares how our human, cultural, intellectual, social, and spiritual capital all play a part in the fulfilled life we should all strive for when it comes to wealth. 

She also explains how her various educational experiences and degrees (MBA, Ed.D, Th.M, and more) allowed her to assist minority business enterprises to grow, and redefine the way they saw money. But, her journey wasn’t always this stable. Her journey with learning about money started when her dad withdrew all financial support from her in college (á la Whitley Gilbert). It forced her to understand what money really is, and set her on the path to learning all about wealth.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

⦿ Why you need to have a good relationship with time to have a good relationship with money, 

⦿ How we can all begin to build and chart our path to wealth, and

⦿ The importance of understanding history as it relates to wealth

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230: How Black Women Can Build Legacy Wealth

230: How Black Women Can Build Legacy Wealth