DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast232 - Hunger, Passion & Drive with Zoe Wilson
232 - Hunger, Passion & Drive with Zoe Wilson

232 - Hunger, Passion & Drive with Zoe Wilson

Update: 2022-11-10


Zoe Wilson is an MSK Podiatrist based in the Lake District in the north of England and the owner of ZW Clinics and ZW Footcare Solutions. After completing her degree in 2015, she studied and completed her Master's in Theory of Podiatric Surgery in 2019. 

Zoe worked as an employee in various settings across the UK, but she had a burning desire and passion for working for herself. She opened her first practice in 2017, ZW Foot & Ankle, and opened her first multidisciplinary practice in November of 2021, ZW Foot & Lower Limb Centre.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Her burning desire to work for herself. 
  • What she learnt opening her first clinic. 
  • Why practice ownership is not for everyone.
  • Why she likes to move forward when others are cautious. 
  • Winning a major business award in the UK and what you learn about yourself and your business as you move through the process. 
  • Why business awards are great for the podiatry profession. 
  • How she developed her footcare product range. 
  • Giving back to the profession that has done so much for her.

On the 4th and 5th of February, 2023, together with Dr Dough Richie, George Flanagan and Martin McGeough, they will be running a two-day event, Diagnosis, Prescription and Casting of the Richie Brace. For details, you can email Zoe at

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232 - Hunger, Passion & Drive with Zoe Wilson

232 - Hunger, Passion & Drive with Zoe Wilson

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