DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast237 - The LOVED ONE's Test with Jonathan Small
237 - The LOVED ONE's Test with Jonathan Small

237 - The LOVED ONE's Test with Jonathan Small

Update: 2022-12-15


Suppose someone in your family needed medical treatment. Would you be happy if the treating doctor only gave them limited treatment options because they had a limited skill set, or would you prefer the doctor explained ALL the available treatment options, even if it meant they had to refer them to another doctor or specialist?  

This is the basis of The LOVED ONE's Test. 

Jonathan Small has appeared on this podcast nine times. I keep inviting him back because he delivers relevant, practitioner-driven content every time, and The LOVED ONE's Test is no different. He is also the owner of Health First Foot & Gait Clinic in Southam, UK. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Informed Consent.
  • The Patient Experience. 
  • Providing the best level of care.
  • Building trust with your patients through referrals, don't be afraid of losing patients.

Suppose you cannot treat a particular problem. In that case, it is better for the profession if you can refer them to another podiatrist that can treat the problem instead of referring them to a Physiotherapist or General Practitioner. 

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Jonathan referred to a television show called Bottom. Here is the link

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237 - The LOVED ONE's Test with Jonathan Small

237 - The LOVED ONE's Test with Jonathan Small

Tyson E Franklin