DiscoverHello Body Freedom#24: How to Expand Your Window of Tolerance
#24: How to Expand Your Window of Tolerance

#24: How to Expand Your Window of Tolerance

Update: 2023-11-03


The holiday season is in full swing and while there might be holiday happiness and cheer… we also know that it comes with overwhelm and stress. So, how do you usually cope with this? I'm certain that many of us got so out of our minds and bodies that the only way to survive this is by using food. However, today I want to share with you a different way to deal with this.

In this episode, I dive into:

  • How to know when your nervous system's been hijacked and how to get it back so you don't eat or drink to cope!
  • The 1st most important step to take once you realize you're on the "struggle bus"
  • The concept of resourcing and identifying external resources that can help soothe and settle your nervous system.
  • A follow-along experiential + powerful meditation practice called pendulation to help you navigate intense emotions and sensations.
  • Why it is important to expand your capacity to feel and tolerate intense emotions, both negative and positive.

Literally, learn how to expand your window of tolerance RIGHT NOW during this healing episode! The invitation today is to practice with me right now and then come back to this episode the next time you're feeling all the feels!

And…if you're sick of waking up on New Year's Day Tired, Heavy, and Frustrated….Then register for my FREE Holiday Survival Workshop where I'll show you exactly how to enjoy the holiday season without worrying about eating so much you can’t fit into your pants come January.


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[00:00:42 ] Expanding your window of tolerance.

[00:04:38 ] Tolerating Intensity in the Body.

[00:07:18 ] Resources for relaxation and grounding.

[00:11:10 ] Intensity in the body.

[00:15:29 ] Observing intense experiences.

[00:19:59 ] Bringing high vibe emotions.









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#24: How to Expand Your Window of Tolerance

#24: How to Expand Your Window of Tolerance

Audra Baker