DiscoverUplift My Life Today#24 - 7 plus 7 equals ME! - Systemic Healing - Rachelle Furer (Part 1 out of 3)
#24 - 7 plus 7 equals ME! - Systemic Healing - Rachelle Furer (Part 1 out of 3)

#24 - 7 plus 7 equals ME! - Systemic Healing - Rachelle Furer (Part 1 out of 3)

Update: 2020-07-26


Do you know that each of us carries actively within us the influences of 7 generations of our family?

Do you realize that in order to feel whole within, we must integrate ourselves with the systems that we're part of? Some systems are given to us, some are to choose by us.

What is the system that we're part of? How do we integrate ourselves with our system? What happens when we don't?

Join my conversation with Rachelle Furer on the "No matter what, I belong" series, consisting of 3  episodes.

This is the first episode and it delves deep into the System itself, how it works, how to integrate it, and what happens when we don't integrate them - the symptoms we experience in our lives today.

For more than 40 years, Rachelle has been searching for ways to help others move along their paths with greater ease.

This exploration has encompassed delving into psychology, philosophy, systemic thinking, spiritual practices, metaphysics, a plethora of alternative therapies along with the more practical and pragmatic pursuit of counseling, coaching, facilitation, and teaching.

Now semi-retired to Switzerland, Rachelle remains passionate about personal and leadership development.


00:00     Opening and introduction

04:14      What a system is. The variety and the nature of clusters that make the system every single one of us belongs to.

11:39       What it means to belong to these systems (a number interconnecting clusters). How this works within us. How our choices to move to different locations than our origins impact our inner world.

17:00     What happens when we’re born in a country outside of our origin. We can never step out of our family system: We carry 7 generations’ influences within us.

18:57     The importance of family and ancestry (the most important cluster within our system). What happens when we deny our ancestry.

20:11     Live demonstration on Astuti’s process to integrate her into one of her systems (Javanese - Indonesian) on a soul level.

24:48   In the modern world where we move around the world, we often forget that we belong to our systems, including ancestry.  To truly feel whole and to have peace within we need to step into our various systems intentionally and consciously.

28:35  How to connect to our systems to energize or when we feel weakened.

39:17  Live show on Astuti process to integrate into her 2nd system (the UK, as she was conceived and born in the UK)

45:00  What it means for the 3rd generation children to belong to their systems and how that is mandatory in order to make them feel whole as an individual on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

49:59  What happens when we deny or in conflict with our systems.

52:00  The role of the current generation, in relation to the past 7 generations.

We didn’t come to earth clean slate!

59:42 Closing 

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#24 - 7 plus 7 equals ME! - Systemic Healing - Rachelle Furer (Part 1 out of 3)

#24 - 7 plus 7 equals ME! - Systemic Healing - Rachelle Furer (Part 1 out of 3)

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