24. The 'Burbs

24. The 'Burbs

Update: 2018-10-26


Livin' in the 'burbs is a unique facet of life. Built largely out of necessity for people looking to live within proximity to a city & community but unable to afford and manage kids in a more urban center the great suburbia landscape has really expanded in the past 50 years.

But suburbia life has unique challenges. With close proximity and decreased privacy, suburbia life seems to offer close geographical proximity to neighbors without necessarily mandating that neighbors build a personally-connected community. When people live 20 feet away from each other and fail to "meet" their neighbors, a unique phenomenon happens. Throw in an HOA organization to manage conflict resolution, renter bias and moral hazard and kids' need for space to play and explore... and you've got a rather interesting situation. You can discount these issues as "first world problems", but for many "first world" residents, these problems seem to pose very real threats and challenges to their well being and livelihood.

How is it, that with such close geographic proximity communities can feel hollow, cold and impersonal? How is it that parents within these communities can feel disconnected to the point of inaction? How is it that more neighborhood regulations within an HOA often seem to feel like they are ineffective and insufficient?

Whether your neighbors are 20 feet away or an acre, chances are you'll empathize with this cultural and social phenomenon that seems to ripple across neighborhoods around the country. But acknowledging and dealing with these issues seems incredibly necessary. With global populations continuing to expand with urban centers and requirements, rockin' life in the 'burbs will be a skill we all could stand to improve upon.

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24. The 'Burbs

24. The 'Burbs

Jennifer Thuen