DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast244 - The Gait Movement with Estelle Humphris
244 - The Gait Movement with Estelle Humphris

244 - The Gait Movement with Estelle Humphris

Update: 2023-02-02


Estelle Humphris is a South Australian podiatrist who took up positions in country health, wound care and routine podiatry upon graduation. As time passed, she felt her knowledge of biomechanics and gait was slowly slipping away.  

When she asked for help from senior mentors, she felt they were overwhelmed by the enormity of the subject and were unclear on where to start. Mentors told her to watch people walk in her local shopping mall and watch every client in the clinic.

Estelle wasn't satisfied with this and made it her personal goal to work on her gait analysis skills and constantly ask her seniors questions on specific cases.

She then thought: "how good would it be if she could put everything she had learnt into one resource for herself and others to reflect and learn from"...and so The Gait Movement online course was born.

What else did we discuss on this episode:

  • Taking a Gap Year between years two and three and living in Germany.
  • Discovering she was Dyslexic in her third year and understanding why she had to work so much harder than everyone else.
  • Modifying how she learns. 
  • Being scared to ask questions as a new graduate and not wanting to be seen as stupid. 
  • How close she got to leaving podiatry. 
  • Imposter syndrome. 

Estelle used to find initial consultations created a lot of anxiety because she didn't know what foot problem would come through the door until she learnt that all she needed to do was get through the first appointment. After the first appointment, she had time to prepare for the review appointment. 

The Gait Movement Online Course is designed for new and recent graduates or podiatrists who may have lost some of their biomechanical and gait analysis skills. To learn more, visit her website

You can also connect with Estelle on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin at The Gait Movement. 

Final Tip - Don't be scared to ask questions, and know that you're not alone.

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244 - The Gait Movement with Estelle Humphris

244 - The Gait Movement with Estelle Humphris

Tyson E Franklin