DiscoverPodiatry Legends Podcast245 - Focus On Your Wins, Not Your Losses with Dr Jesse Green
245 - Focus On Your Wins, Not Your Losses with Dr Jesse Green

245 - Focus On Your Wins, Not Your Losses with Dr Jesse Green

Update: 2023-02-09


It has been scientifically proven that we tend to overvalue our losses and undervalue our wins, which can affect our future decision-making. The good news is that people usually only remember your wins, not your losses, and Richard Branson is a perfect example. 

My guest, Dr Jesse Green, is no stranger to the Podiatry Legends Podcast. He has been a guest on episodes 144 and 200, and I've asked him to come back to talk about why people focus so much on their losses and not enough on their wins. 

Dr Jesse Green runs Practice Max, one of Australia's largest Dental Coaching Organisations and hosts the Savvy Dentist Podcast. This episode is a dual episode that Jesse and I decided to use on both shows. 

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • A new word - PISSOFFEDNESS
  • Why do we over-value our losses in life yet undervalue our day-to-day wins? 
  • The reason people keep on hanging on to losses is that they don't want to admit that they've made a mistake. And it will hold them back from making the next decision!
  • A good decision can still lead to a poor outcome. So what can you do in this situation?
  • Expect that some of your decisions will be wrong the further you try to predict the outcome. What will happen in a week is much easier than what will happen in twelve months. 
  • CAPACITY PLANNING - Using numbers to make your decisions based on past decisions and future predictions. You're working on the balance of probability. 
  • So if you've had a few things go wrong and are a little bit 'gun-shy', what can you do to get back to making decisions and moving towards more wins?
  • Remember, every big business you know of today … once started as a 'small' business. And every big business still makes mistakes as the company grows larger.
  • When things go wrong, instead of just saying I knew that was going to happen and not learning from it, document what you learned in a BRAIN BOOK or journal and then use this information in the future. 
  • The people who do well in their business practice over-value their wins and under-value their losses as a general habit.
  • The longer you take to start something, the less chance you have of actually doing it. 

You can connect with Dr Jesse Green via his website if you have any questions about this episode, please email me at

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245 - Focus On Your Wins, Not Your Losses with Dr Jesse Green

245 - Focus On Your Wins, Not Your Losses with Dr Jesse Green

Tyson E Franklin