DiscoverThe Rachel Hollis Podcast247: What is your MINDSET when it comes to 'Success'?
247: What is your MINDSET when it comes to 'Success'?

247: What is your MINDSET when it comes to 'Success'?

Update: 2022-01-139


Hey, guys. Welcome to another episode of the Rachel Hollis podcast. I'm Rachel Hollis, your host. And I am coming to you on a very cold day in Austin, Texas. I'm wearing sweat pants and doing this recording in my home office because that's how we do things now.

We had a team meeting today and we always start every meeting with gratitude. And we all were just talking about feeling grateful to get to work from home and going into 2022 and just wanting to make sure that we're all really taking advantage of that. And I just am feeling the gratitude for that and Im feeling gratitude for the pieces of the last couple of years that have been good, it feels important to say that because I just feel like there's such a focus on how hard it has been and how hard it still is and and certainly, OMG, it's certainly true. But there are pieces of this time that I have really appreciated, and slowing down has been one of them.

I say this in the hopes that maybe you find some gratitude for something you've learned in the last couple of years, or maybe your gratitude is a completely different thing entirely. But I think the action of looking for goodness even in hard seasons is how we keep going. It's how we stand up and go again and keep trying and find courage. And that's what I'm doing right now.

Today I want to talk with you guys about "success", and maybe reframing what it means to go after and achieve success...or reframing what success even means in the first place. I hope you enjoy this next installment in my Mindset series!


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247: What is your MINDSET when it comes to 'Success'?

247: What is your MINDSET when it comes to 'Success'?

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