DiscoverTin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli#249: Skinwalker Ranch with Ryan Burns and Issac Weishaupt
#249: Skinwalker Ranch with Ryan Burns and Issac Weishaupt

#249: Skinwalker Ranch with Ryan Burns and Issac Weishaupt

Update: 2019-11-1313


Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episde we welcome Ryan Burns and Issac Weishaupt to the show to discuss all the chaos and paranormal that has gone down at Skinwalker Ranch! Thank you for your support!

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Comments (7)

ragnar rock

I've been chased by a pack of Rez dogs. You dont fuck with rez dogs!. Shout out 2 Standoff Blackfoot reservation Alberta. Sincerely White Buffalo

Feb 19th

Kieran Craddock

I enjoyed the episode but how did anyone look at the space wolf research video and see anything credible? Poor bloke has spunked a shit ton of money with nothing to back it up. No wonder his wife is pissed!

Nov 21st

Ryan Fowler

It's so hard getting into this podcast because everytime Sam opens his mouth it sounds like an autistic 13 year old who believes everything he reads on the internet is talking. He just says shit without any evidence to back it up and claims that it's common knowledge. I would love to have this gig, just talk about whatever you want without the burden of ANY proof whatsoever.

Nov 20th
Reply (1)

Daniel Stout

Why do you want to create a "safe space" to communicate with demons simply because they are smart? Christians are not supposed to do that. Zechariah 5 warns us about these beings and explains all ufos, greys, ghosts, and orbs of light. And the Bible says beware those bringing gifts, claiming to be here peacefully. The pagans communicated with these beings and Christians are not supposed to act as pagans. So how can you call yourself a Christian and purposely set out to commune with demons? Peace

Nov 13th
Reply (2)
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#249: Skinwalker Ranch with Ryan Burns and Issac Weishaupt

#249: Skinwalker Ranch with Ryan Burns and Issac Weishaupt

Sam Tripoli