DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#25: David E. Marlow - Find Purpose, Find Life
#25: David E. Marlow - Find Purpose, Find Life

#25: David E. Marlow - Find Purpose, Find Life

Update: 2021-08-19


How does sustainability apply to us as individuals as well as the world?
How do we find it in ourselves to forgive ourselves and forgive others?
How do quirks and idiosyncrasies forge us into more compete and healthy people?

These and many other secrets for self-development are answered when the Ikigai Guy David E. Marlow joins The Rabbi and the Shrink.

1:00 What is Ikigai = Japanese for life + purpose

Living out the essence of you in everything you do

3:30 What is a leader?  Someone who enables and empower others to fulfill their potential in a way that betters the world

Happiness emerges from a sense of working toward the fulfillment of purpose

5:00   How do you find your ikigai

Reflect on moments when you felt fulfilled

Visit your values, verbs, and verses

7:00 The five pillars include:

Choose to be grateful; we control our attitudes

Making a conscious choice to live in the moment

Forgive the past and yourself

10:00 Monotask: start somewhere small and work outward

Multitasking doesn’t work

Embrace the gift of small beginnings

Being busy as an excuse for not being productive

18:00 How do we forgive people who cause us pain and don’t ask for forgiveness?

First forgive yourself

Forgive without recovering trust

The harm we do ourselves by not forgiving

23:00 Without human integrity we disintegrate

Harmony and sustainability in how we live completes us so we can live healthy lives

By integrating our values into our mindset and behavior we become people of integrity

26:00 What are the five pillars?

Being present in the moment

Starting small

Joy of little things (gratitude)

Harmony and sustainability

Releasing yourself through forgiveness and reflection

We strive to uncover our essence

30:00 Shalom = harmony = all the pieces are in place and fuse into integration

The seven levels of spiritual maturity and completion

The conductor is the most important player in the orchestra

34:00   Blend your idiosyncrasies with your talents to become your best unique self

You don’t have to change yourself; you have to uncover who you truly are

38:00 Word of the Day: diapason

Originally, the organ stop that releases steam to produce sound

Now a burst of force that produces music 

Our ideal is to release our inner music

40:00 When we seek treasure, what will we do if we find it?

43:00 Post-interview conversation









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#25: David E. Marlow - Find Purpose, Find Life

#25: David E. Marlow - Find Purpose, Find Life

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP