DiscoverHello Body Freedom#25: Handle the Holidays like a BOSS
#25: Handle the Holidays like a BOSS

#25: Handle the Holidays like a BOSS

Update: 2023-11-10


Ahhhh….yes… the holiday season is upon us! How do you handle the holiday food, booze, celebrations, get-together?

Research shows that most of us go into full-blown "unconscious mode" around food and booze and end up gaining between 5-20 pounds. Or, the 180-degree opposite of that is not participating in holiday traditions at all, fearful of gaining weight.

But what if there was a middle ground? What if you could enjoy the holiday season (the parties, food, drinks, traditions….alllll of it) without going unconscious and eating everything in sight…AND ALSO not worrying about what you eat, or being scared you'll eat so much you can’t fit into your pants come January.

Here's the deal, if you think enjoying the holidays means abandoning your health goals…OR focusing on your health and body goals means you'll miss out on the season's fun, food, and traditions…Then play girlfriend and let's go!

I'll hand you some powerful tools that you can start implementing TODAY so you can handle the holiday season like a boss.

I'll dive into:

  1. How exactly to set realistic expectations, learn to say yes AND no while letting go of perfection
  2. Why prioritizing these 3 things is a MUST during this season if you want to feel peace and joy
  3. Proven techniques to foster a healthy relationship with food and enjoy the holiday season without guilt or overindulgence.

It's a not-to-be-missed eppie…and you can also join us for the Holiday Survival Workshop where we'll dive even deeper into navigating the holiday season food + stress with ease. REGISTER HERE:

Resources and Links:


00:05:13 Setting realistic holiday expectations.

00:06:11 Set realistic expectations for self-care.

00:10:55 Prioritize self-care for stress reduction.

00:20:27 Prioritize sleep and movement.

00:27:21 Mindful eating during the holidays.

00:31:29 Holiday Survival Workshop for mindful eating.









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#25: Handle the Holidays like a BOSS

#25: Handle the Holidays like a BOSS

Audra Baker