DiscoverBuild Your Network252: Sharran Srivatsaa | $300 million to $3.4 billion??
252: Sharran Srivatsaa | $300 million to $3.4 billion??

252: Sharran Srivatsaa | $300 million to $3.4 billion??

Update: 2019-04-01


Sharran Srivatsaa is the CEO of Kingston Lane, a push-button technology execution platform for real estate. He’s a serial entrepreneur, sought-after keynote speaker, and a respected thought leadership resource for publications. Sharron led Tellus properties unprecedented 10x growth resulting in its acquisition. Sharran also has the 5 am club which has over 3,000 people on a call every morning at 5 am - and it’s free! Sharran talks to your host Travis Chappell about getting his MBA, how he took Tellus properties from millions to billions in a five-year period, and what he’s most excited about doing right now.

  • How Sharran got started - what his goals and dreams were from high school into college.
  • He was born in India into poverty, he was bullied a lot.
  • His father knew they needed to get him out of India and into Australia of the U.S.
  • His parents came up with enough money to send him to one full year of college in the U.S.
  • How Sharran’s parent’s sacrifice set the tone for his time in college.
  • Sharran’s dumpster fight with a raccoon over food and what that made him realize about himself.
  • His tolerance and threshold for pain are much higher after going through low points.
  • A low point is necessary for someone to get ahead in the world - you need to see adversity happen in and around your life or be dialed into the adversity around you.
  • Society has taught us to rationalize why we want something - we don’t actually want that many things.
  • Sharran talks about joining a company in college in a “right place, right time” situation.
  • There are three big high-income skills:
  • Communication
  • Presenting/Closing
  • The Network
  • Sharran took five years off after the exit and worked in the high-end resort business where he learned major empathy.
  • He went to business school to learn about deal structuring and then spent time in a Goldman Sachs training program.
  • How Sharran came to work at Tellus Properties and bought out most of the shareholders.
  • He told the leadership team they needed to 10x in five years.
  • They were acquired at the end of 2017 for a great exit for everyone involved.
  • How the MBA and Goldman Sachs experiences impacted his success.
  • How Kingston Lane came about and what they’re doing.
  • Sharran would like to build his life around Kingston Lane and not exit the company.
  • Do you believe that who you know or what you know is more important, and why?
  • Who you know is more important
  • You can either go through 90 stops of what, or ONE stop of who and compress the process.
  • Conservatively, Sharran has invested in $1 million in mentorships and masterminds.

The Random Round

  • What profession other than your own do you think it would be fun to attempt?
  • Teach 1st Grade
  • If you could sit on a park bench with anyone for an hour who would it be, and why?
  • Buckminster Fuller
  • He was ahead of his time thinking about what the world could be.
  • How do you like to consume content?
  • Podcasts
  • Give us a glimpse of your morning routine?
  • Wake up at 4:45am every day.
  • Runs the 5 am club every day.
  • What is something that you are not very good at?
  • Not very organized
  • What is your go-to pump up song?
  • Eye of the Tiger
  • What is one place where we can find you the most?
  • @SharranSrivatsaa on Instagram

3 Key Points:

  1. You don’t have to rationalize wanting something, if you feel the need to rationalize it, you might not really want it.
  2. We are network organisms and networking is a high-income skill.
  3. You can’t just 10x one part of your life, you have to level up all around.

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252: Sharran Srivatsaa | $300 million to $3.4 billion??

252: Sharran Srivatsaa | $300 million to $3.4 billion??