DiscoverThe Mindset Athlete Podcast#254 The Motion Mentor with Charlotte Hurst (Bsc Chiro, MMCA, DC)
#254 The Motion Mentor with Charlotte Hurst (Bsc Chiro, MMCA, DC)

#254 The Motion Mentor with Charlotte Hurst (Bsc Chiro, MMCA, DC)

Update: 2022-01-14


Dr of Chiropractic for People and Animals, Author, Blogger, Movement Coach, Athlete and Type 1 Diabetic

Charlotte is the founder of Hurst Health with a vision to provide the ultimate Health Centre, incorporating the very best and most innovative treatments and therapies for patients.

Hurst Health currently focuses on Chiropractic, Compression and Cryotherapy in a beautiful location in the heart of Worcestershire, UK, where the drive is towards helping people become intuitive about their bodies.

Charlotte is a chiropractor with over 15 years experience in helping performance, healing and function in her patients. Developing the brand #themotionmentor, Charlotte is leading the way, demonstrating that movement is fundamental to good health.

Charlotte welcomes all patients into her clinic with particular focus on the athlete; helping to fine tune their bodies to reach their very best performance and recover from injury and setbacks in the quickest, most effective and safe way. This is done by integrating the health and coaching teams of the athlete so that there is a collective drive towards the same goal.

Charlotte leads by example in the constant search and research into the most effective ways of reaching optimal health. Always learning and developing her own knowledge and skillset in the ever-moving health industry, Charlotte is committed to helping every one of her patients with tailor-made treatment plans.

Sport is a huge passion of Charlotte’s. Olympics have always held a huge part in her heart; 6 months spent working in London over the 2012 Games for the London Organising Committee only cemented this passion (The contract was on the Fleet Asset Management Team). A short contract in Qatar followed for the United Nations Climate Change Conference. Charlotte has also lived in France and Southern Ireland, and is now settled back in Worcestershire, committed to driving the growth of Hurst Health Ltd.

Charlotte leads a full life with her two dogs, Elmo and Dottie, in Worcestershire, and can regularly be seen as a judge on the equestrian showing circuit, enjoying the tennis court, hockey pitch and netball court, and can also be found on a mountain, training hard or pounding the pavements in preparation for the London Marathon back in 2021.

You can learn more about Charlotte via her website and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram

For more information about James Roberts (the host of the podcast), visit and connect with him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

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#254 The Motion Mentor with Charlotte Hurst (Bsc Chiro, MMCA, DC)

#254 The Motion Mentor with Charlotte Hurst (Bsc Chiro, MMCA, DC)

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