DiscoverThe Rabbi and The Shrink#26: Marilyn Suttle - Success in the Palm of your Hand
#26: Marilyn Suttle - Success in the Palm of your Hand

#26: Marilyn Suttle - Success in the Palm of your Hand

Update: 2021-08-26


How do we do a better job handling it when we get flustered and defensive?

How do we give and receive criticism in a way the builds trust and encourages improvement?

What is the alternative to flight or fight that promotes cooperation and collaboration?

These and other critical question for success in business and in life are answered when customer service maven Marilyn Suttle joins the Rabbi and the Shrink.

0:50 Wellbeing and security are critical to a healthy work environment for workers and customers

Ethics creates a culture of trust, solid relationships, and loyalty

Raising trust increases expectations, which is a good thing

Develop the skill set to deal with difficult and unexpected situations

Different values and styles need to be accommodated

6:00 Learned behavior is not easily unlearned

How do we handle it better when we get flustered and defensive?

We’re 100% responsible for 50% of every relationship

We make assumptions about the facts, which may or may not be true

We make up stories that create feelings by exploiting our unmet expectations

What outcome do we really want?

Clear communication often defuses conflict before it happens.

13:00 When we get into fight or flight, our biology hijacks our thinking and decision making

The other option is a challenge response, which can focus and motivate us

Being honest make us vulnerable, which is frightening but creates the potential for closeness

17:30 It’s all in the palm of your hand:

First impressions -- eliminate the potential for annoyance

Last impression

Manage high emotion moments

Marry yourself to your team and your customers

Measure and gauge -- feedback

21:15 Value their time and ask only for meaningful feedback and use it

How do you respond to criticism

Redirect attention toward the good to promote reframing

Take responsibility and show appreciation

27:00 Empower employees to address customer issues

Have someone to call to help you regain clarity

31:00 Different perspectives generate an ethical view

32:00 The word of the day:  pithy

We don’t want to reduce all ideas to soundbites, but we do want to be concise so our ideas have impact

34:00 Happiness is a profound concept that come from being part of something important

36:00 Tailor your customer care according to the needs of each customer

37:00 Blaming, complaining, and making excuses are responses that will not lead to improvement

The difference between responding and reacting

Get comfortable with silence or pausing

Counting to 10 reboots your brain

Resist the pressure to fill empty space without thinking first

The benefit of one, two, and three second pauses

The pauses are the most essential part of the class

It takes stress to alleviate stress

46:00 The core of ethics is growing

If we aren’t experiencing growing pains, we aren’t really living.

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#26: Marilyn Suttle - Success in the Palm of your Hand

#26: Marilyn Suttle - Success in the Palm of your Hand

Rabbi Yonason Goldson and Dr. Margarita Gurri, CSP