DiscoverEnglish Learning for Curious Minds#260 | The Cambridge Analytica Scandal
#260 | The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

#260 | The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Update: 2022-05-051


In March of 2018, it was revealed that 50 million Facebook profiles had been "hacked" and used to target American voters. 

The story involved Donald Trump, a supposed Russian spy, a Cambridge researcher and a political consulting company.

The only problem was, how much of it was actually true?

  • The breaking of the story on March 18th 2018

  • A summary of the Cambridge Analytica report in The Guardian

  • The academic: Aleksandr Kogan

  • The role of Facebook in 2012

  • Quiz apps on Facebook (and their real purpose)

  • The role of Cambridge Analytica (the company)

  • Building "This Is Your Digital Life"

  • How many people took the quiz?

  • Was there really a "data breach"?

  • What was Aleksandr Kogan's involvement in the story?

  • The results come in: was the Facebook data effective at guessing someone's personality?

  • Cambridge Analytica's message to its clients: "5,000 data points on over 220 million Americans"

  • Working for Ted Cruz

  • Working for the Donald Trump Campaign

  • The news breaking in 2018

  • Was Cambridge Analytica involved in Brexit?

  • Conclusion: Did Cambridge Analytica actually have any involvement in the US election?

Full transcript, subtitles and key vocabulary available on the website:


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#260 | The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

#260 | The Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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