DiscoverBetter Call Daddy260. Father’s Day Will Never Be The Same. Andrea Cargill
260. Father’s Day Will Never Be The Same. Andrea Cargill

260. Father’s Day Will Never Be The Same. Andrea Cargill

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All publicity is good publicity, it’s how you respond to it!
How did Andrea Cargill get into the celebrity chef scene and start managing Chef Katsuji Tanabe a former guest on the Better Call Daddy Show?  Andrea says it’s important to do the work we care about, and that might have something to do with her military roots!  How can we do to get more involved in our communities?  What has Andrea learned from working in the media?  How can you navigate with tragedy happening in the background? We don’t go through things, we grow through things, even being a co-victim in a homocide!  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.

Shout out to Arsiak (episode 200) and Chef Katsuji (episode 211)

Andrea Cargill was born and raised in Puyallup, Washington, a suburb south of Seattle. Where she developed her love of professional sports, coffee and the finest fashion’s that Nordstrom had to offer. She spent her childhood before and after school with grandparents, Thomas and Evelyn. Both born in 1922 during the Great Depression. Who helped shape her determination to help others and approach life with a mentality of seeking to understand.

Andrea is an independent Talent Agent and Manager. That started in the most non conventional way. A prior career in Corporate America and once described as the “Connector”, helped catapult her into this exciting world. Fulfilling to say the least, though STEAM and assisting inner city children are her passion. She is on the Board of Directors for a STEAM Center in Marshall Fields, Chicago, Illinois. Started a STEAM initiative with Major League Soccer teams in various cities to raise money for children. Andrea loves volunteering her time feeding people with World Central Kitchen, spends Christmas morning with Cozy Connections in Seattle and is on the committee of Vote Early Day.

Andrea has a deep love for traveling, music, reading, working out and a curiosity for life. She’s described as an open book, with transparency extremely important in both her professional and personal lives. The best advice she once received was from her Papa Thomas: “Always do what you feel is best, even if it goes against everyone around you. We never grow in comfort zones.”

“The Highest Human Act is to Inspire.” - The Late, Great Nipsey Hussle

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260. Father’s Day Will Never Be The Same. Andrea Cargill

260. Father’s Day Will Never Be The Same. Andrea Cargill

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