DiscoverThe Jordan Harbinger Show263: How Can I Win Back My Spouse's Respect? | Feedback Friday
263: How Can I Win Back My Spouse's Respect? | Feedback Friday

263: How Can I Win Back My Spouse's Respect? | Feedback Friday

Update: 2019-10-112


You recently had a revelation that your spouse has zero respect for you. On a daily basis, you’re reminded how to do basic tasks and criticized for every minor mistake you make. You’ve also noticed that they never value your advice, and if they have a question about something — no matter how confident your answer is — they’ll always ask someone else afterward as if they don’t value or believe your answer. You work hard, have a good job that supports your family on your income alone, you help out around the house probably more than most in your position, and you’re going to school to further your education and job opportunities even more. The big question is: If they really do have zero respect for you, how can you win back your spouse’s respect? We’ll try to answer this and much more on the latest Feedback Friday!

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On This Week’s Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

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  • From the way you’re treated in public and private, you recently had a revelation that your spouse of several years has zero respect for you. Even if you can figure out why, can respect ever be regained after it’s lost? If so, how?

  • You’re trying to get through college as an introvert, but your challenges are going as expected. Once people have an impression of you as an unfriendly person fixed in their minds, is it possible to change it?

  • You’re trying to move into another role at your current company; you had a great interview and thought it was a sure thing. But they chose someone else and you wonder what went wrong. What can you do to improve your chances next time?

  • Your significant other isn’t pulling their weight financially. How can you tactfully approach the matter without making them feel completely worthless, and what can you do to ensure they understand the concept of “adulting?”

  • You’re from a developing nation and, thanks to the Internet, you relate more to Western culture than the one in which you were raised. Unfortunately, any potential significant other isn’t on board with your “radical” views. Should you seek love in another land even though you don’t have a lot of money to travel?

  • You’re young, and so are most of your network connections. Should you still work on this younger network, or should you try to build an older...








263: How Can I Win Back My Spouse's Respect? | Feedback Friday

263: How Can I Win Back My Spouse's Respect? | Feedback Friday

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