27. 本屋に行く

27. 本屋に行く

Update: 2022-05-21


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Hello. This is episode 27 of my podcast. It's hot every day. I ordered my summer clothes online last week. I am still at home most of the time, so when I go out I try to go as far as possible. I used to buy coffee at a local convenience store, but I decided to go to a shop about 15 minutes' walk away. Coffee tastes totally different depending on the shop. The coffee there is a bit more expensive, but it tastes better than at the convenience store.


More and more students are practising conversation these days. Even if you learn grammar, it is difficult to actually use the language if you are not confident in your listening and speaking skills. Many people think that pronunciation is impossible to learn as an adult, but it is not. If you understand the different types of vowels, intonation and differences from your native language through study and repeated practice, even adults can pronounce words quite naturally. I went to the bookshop this morning so that I could teach more about pronunciation.


Near my house there is a bookshop called Junkudo. Junkudo is one of the biggest bookshop chains in Japan. All shops are spacious and have a large quantity of books. I used to use it a lot since I lived in Tokyo because you can Tachiyomi. ‘Tachiyomi (standing reading)’ means reading the books on sale before buying them. It was before noon when I went to the bookshop, but there were many people there. Company employees are now working from home, so many of them don't work at set hours.


After looking at the Japanese pronunciation books, I browsed the medical book section for books about viruses and how antibodies work. You never know who writes the articles on the internet, but the authors of the books are usually experts. Specialist books have the downside that their explanations are boring, but their content is more detailed than internet articles. Some time ago I bought a book on language and brain science. It is also quite boring. It is strange that I am very interested in the content, but find the explanations boring.


After returning home, I made Omuraisu. ‘Omuraisu (omelette rice)’ is a dish of rice mixed with ketchup and wrapped in an omelette. It is very easy to make, using only a frying pan.


Well, I think that’s it for today. See you next time and thanks for listening!

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27. 本屋に行く

27. 本屋に行く