DiscoverBetter Call Daddy270. Superman Shenanigans And Workplace Discrimination. Timi Ogundipe
270. Superman Shenanigans And Workplace Discrimination. Timi Ogundipe

270. Superman Shenanigans And Workplace Discrimination. Timi Ogundipe

Update: 2022-10-14


Are people treated differently based on whether they have legal representation or not?  Have you ever experienced workplace discrimination?  Would you speak up?  Have you ever been terminated and felt maybe you could have won a legal battle? Today's guest Timi Ogundipe owns up to his mistakes and loves it when people underestimate him!  He’s a three-time suicide survivor, overcome jail, and just launched a new business! Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.


Timi’s bio

My name is Timi Ogundipe. I am the founder and CEO of Safe Resell. I was born in Nigeria and moved to the states (Minnesota) when I was 3 years old. I haven’t been back since then but have the desire to go back, however, it is costly and time is limited for me.


I am married with 2 kids and live in Minneapolis MN. I have a 9-year-old son, who turns 10 in September from a previous relationship, and my wife and I have a 2-year-old daughter that thinks she is 14.


I grew up in a northern suburb of Minneapolis called New Brighton, and lived there from 1st grade all the way until I graduated HS.


I have an older brother who is the Co-Founder of Civic Eagle and recently raised a Series A round of $3,000,000. I also have a younger sister. My parents own a very successful home healthcare business in Minnesota as well, (my sister works for them).


Growing up, I sucked at school (barely graduated honestly), was a rebel, fought damn near every day, drank on most non-game days, and dabbled into some drugs (marijuana and ecstasy). In HS, I was in track and football for 4 years, basketball for 3, and wrestling for 1. My personality was (and still is) unique. I didn’t take any shit from anyone, (literally, if someone stepped on my shoes accidentally and didn’t apologize, they got a fist to their jaw), but would also whoop anyone who was bullying someone. I hated bullies and was known for bullying the bullies. My brother was always the golden child, and I hated being compared to him, seriously, hated it. I don’t think using cuss words is a bad thing. Why the fuck does a word, that have real meaning (or slang) be considered bad? I say, fuck that shit, cuss all you want, just as long as it isn’t at me, and you understand potential consequences.


The summer before I started HS, I attended a party, and that night, was the first time I drank alcohol, smoked weed, and had sex… I was 13 (my birthday is in August). I also have over 80 partners in my life. I stopped counting when I hit 81. My ex-wife was #69. I know because I started a competition with a friend in college…. We both loved fighting, had a unique upbringing and both our names starts with T and we were known as TNT because, we decided that if one of us wasn’t bringing a girl back with us, we were fighting. It got to the point where people would leave if we were at a party. People even called us for fi9ghting assistance or when they got jumped. One time, my friend got kicked out of a house party for flirting with the renter’s girlfriend, and him and I waited outside in the car until party was over, walked in, and beat up the 5-6 people that were there. Just us 2.



Too much detail to get into about my life, but my life also includes,

1. Bringing a gun to school every day and no one knew except one person.
2. Plenty of fights during and after school
3. Plenty of times I cussed out teachers
4. Drinking during school
5. Being shot at/ having guns pointed at me a few times
6. Having mental health issues, unbeknownst to me at that time
7. Going to college for football and getting kicked out
8. Giving up football and college to pursue MMA because, I loved fighting, and can now do it every day in practice and scheduled fights, without getting in legal trouble.
9. Losing vision in my right eye from injury.
10. Moving to California, 8 days after thinking about the option with no place to live, no money, no friends, nothing. I slept on the beach/in my car, for the first 2 weeks I was there.
11. Moving to Houston with my ex-wife (the marriage lasted 9 months before splitting and 11 months before our divorce was finalized.
12. Getting robbed while trying to sell a phone, thus the idea of Safe Resell came about.
13. Bootstrapping SR while working full-time.
14. Completely tearing my ACL and cartilage in my knee, so now I’ll need a knee replacement
15. 3 suicide attempts (pills, gun to head, and car).  The pills were just aspirin and gave me a badass stomachache and puke everywhere after I passed out for about 30 mins or so. The gun to my head, the safety was on and I didn’t the courage to try again. And the last attempt, I was in the car with the garage door closed and the car running, then I heard myself tell me to “get out, your son needs you”.  The last attempt was in 2014 I believe, or 2015. Haven’t had those thoughts since, but I still have a daily battle with my mental health complexities.
16. Because of the judgment of “Christians” and churchgoers, I do not like going to church or being labeled a Christian. Most Christians are against people being themselves, and I hated having to wear “church clothes” and pay money (offering/tithes). Also, when I got in trouble, I got kicked out my church that I was going to, by the pastor and first lady. I call myself a believer of Christ but will never call myself a Christian until out love-children (children born out of wedlock) and the LGBTQIA+ community are widely accepted. Also, the whole no sex before marriage narrative is bullshit. I won’t allow my kids to get married without having sex (unless that’s what they really want to do). Because bad sex, forever, will suck.


Since finding out about my mental health complexities, which explained the behavior growing up, and of course, being more mature, everyone that knew me in HS and college, has noticed and informed me on how different I am, which I agree on, unless someone threatens or harms my friend and/or family. Now all I want to do is get rich, give my family everything, travel, and help people out.




About Safe Resell


Safe Resell is a user-to-user marketplace with a focus on safety and integrity. We are the safest user-to-user platform where neighbors can buy and sell new and/or used products. We use a prepayment system where a buyer will pay for an item prior to meeting up with the seller. When buyer prepays, there will be aauthorization hold on their account, similar to how hotels do it upon check in. Upon meeting up, if all looks good, the buyer can complete the purchase, and at that time, we will pull the money from the buyer’s account. If the buyer and/or seller, changes their mind, the buyer can notify us to cancel the sale, and the hold will be removed from account within 2 business days.


I launched Safe Resell in July of 2019, with the hopes of having the safest platform, so the experience that I went through, of being robbed, won’t happen to other people (or occur very minimally). And of course, I want to be a millionaire because I didn’t have much growing up, looking back at it, but at the time, it didn’t seem that way. I was on free breakfast and lunch until like 10th grade or so, then was on free breakfast/ reduced lunch.


The platform is currently down as we are doing a whole revamping of the website and we are relaunching end of summer (info not publicly known yet). If possible, I would like the episode to drop shortly after our relaunch. The platform will be available nationwide.

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Workplace Discrimination: Time to Fight back


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270. Superman Shenanigans And Workplace Discrimination. Timi Ogundipe

270. Superman Shenanigans And Workplace Discrimination. Timi Ogundipe

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