Discover10 Minute Mindset273 #Live20 with Special Guest Luke Williams | 10 Minute Mindset
273 #Live20 with Special Guest Luke Williams | 10 Minute Mindset

273 #Live20 with Special Guest Luke Williams | 10 Minute Mindset

Update: 2018-12-17


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Luke Williams is the lemonade-stand-as-a-kid type lifelong entrepreneur. He enjoys the simple things and finds great pleasure in pursuing his vision and accomplishing his goals. Luke laughs at his jokes more than what is probably normal, is not a terrible softball player, and is fascinated by time travel. He is a husband and a father of two daughters.

In his 30's he moved to Raleigh, North Carolina where he carved out a space as a mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs and worked as a consultant and hired-gun for companies in the area. He is a rare breed of a hybrid sales and operations guy: Luke can sell but also is a nerd for the numbers and an enthusiast of defined processes.

In 2017 he began his quest to become an author and #Live20 was born.

Luke joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about his new book, his #Live20 method, how becoming intentional with how he spends his time changed his life, and his method for meditation.

Connect with Luke online at and follow him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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273 #Live20 with Special Guest Luke Williams | 10 Minute Mindset

273 #Live20 with Special Guest Luke Williams | 10 Minute Mindset

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