DiscoverBetter Call Daddy274. Do Men Fear Women? Dr. Avrum Weiss
274. Do Men Fear Women? Dr. Avrum Weiss

274. Do Men Fear Women? Dr. Avrum Weiss

Update: 2022-10-31


Do you talk to your partner about your relationship?  Are we asking too much of our marriages?  Are men afraid women will leave?  Psychologist, author, and speaker Dr. Avrum Weiss says men are afraid of women and dependent on them.  All men have abandonment issues.  We are built to connect.  We are designed to have relationships and when we don't problems occur.  He's the author of four books, the most recent of which is "Hidden in Plain Sight: How Men's Fears of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships." He has given over 100 professional presentations and is recognized nationally for his work on the psychology of men, the process of change in individuals and organizations, and experiential psychotherapy.  Better Call Daddy: The Safe Space For Controversy.

Pussy whipped. Why is it that the worst thing a man can say about another man is that he is controlled by a woman, or more precisely, by his need for a woman? Men’s fears of women are hidden in plain sight, but they are nearly universal and play a central role in the inner lives of men and their intimate relationships. These fears include the fear of being dominated and controlled by women, the fear of being entrapped by women, the fear of being inadequate, and the fear of being abandoned. Understanding these fears can help couples break through the places they have been stuck in for years.

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274. Do Men Fear Women? Dr. Avrum Weiss

274. Do Men Fear Women? Dr. Avrum Weiss

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