DiscoverTin Foil Hat With Sam Tripoli#278: Atum Syncretism Synchronizing with Santos Bonacci and Eddie Bravo
#278: Atum Syncretism Synchronizing with Santos Bonacci and Eddie Bravo

#278: Atum Syncretism Synchronizing with Santos Bonacci and Eddie Bravo

Update: 2020-02-1523


Thank you for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli. This episode we welcome back TFH OG, Eddie Bravo, and the Universal Truth Scholar, Santos Bonacci, to discuss how it's all Atum Syncretism Synchronizing and how we live one of the 7 Realms! Thank you so much for your support.

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Comments (17)

Chicken Tendies

this guy has his head up his perineum chakra

Mar 9th

Kathy Simpson

unusual, however God is within. The mind's job is to confuse us and bring our attention outward. knowledge is outward.

Feb 22nd

Kanja Visual

My guy got stuck in a lsd trip.. Grasping at whatever sounds kool. Definitely a good audio rip.

Feb 21st

Phil Morris

What a complete load of crap this guy talks. He may as well be talking about fairy dust and flying carpets. Or as he would say " im wearing a hat that sounds like twat which means cunt in Proper English..." what a prick.

Feb 20th

Богдан Филюшин

The guest: starts talking of atoms Sam after 2 seconds: OH MA GOD

Feb 19th

Charles Simpson

Mind blown over here!

Feb 19th

Joe Franzese

C.I.A is Catholics in action what about T.F.H is The Father Haters is this how works so your ideas fit..Your quests recently are using old works and reintroducing it.Time to visit a libury.

Feb 18th
Reply (2)

Big Smoke

I've found that those that act like they have it all figured out have the least figured out. This guy is in love with his own mind and cant see how horrible his ideas are. they are contradictory and has simply created a cosmology to back his own ideas with no verifiable proof whatsoever. Dont fall for this chaff.

Feb 18th
Reply (1)

Chino Josa

All I’m hearing is bullshit. Just him basically saying what the Romans did and are still trying to do, combine paganism with the Bible. All you need to know is god is god and his son is awesome.

Feb 15th
Reply (5)
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#278: Atum Syncretism Synchronizing with Santos Bonacci and Eddie Bravo

#278: Atum Syncretism Synchronizing with Santos Bonacci and Eddie Bravo

Sam Tripoli