DiscoverThe Rachel Hollis Podcast278: If I Was in My 20s...
278: If I Was in My 20s...

278: If I Was in My 20s...

Update: 2022-05-035


Today's podcast episode is a response to y'all. We have a hot line - you' might have heard me talk about it before. The number is (737) 400-4626. You can call in and leave a message! You can tell me something great that's going on in your life, or you can tell me your Start Today 'Dreamcatcher' story, or you can ask me a question!

And recently I've been getting lots of questions and calls for advice from women in their 20s, so I decided I would podcast about what I would do if I was in my 20s again. You could also call this like things I wish I had known or things I wish I had done, but essentially, if I was in my twenties, this is the stuff that came to my mind. If you're in your twenties or frankly, if you're in your forties or your fifties or sixties, this I hope is still going to be relevant to you.


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278: If I Was in My 20s...

278: If I Was in My 20s...

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