DiscoverFabulous at 50#28 Daring To…..Wash Off the Mud Part 2
#28 Daring To…..Wash Off the Mud Part 2

#28 Daring To…..Wash Off the Mud Part 2

Update: 2021-04-21


Wash off the M.U.D. with Sandy and Joanne - April 21, 2021

Join this fun and enlightening discussion as Fabulous at 50 Podcast Producer, Sandy D’Acey, interviews Joanne Neweduk based on daring her to share her personal story released in 2018. Learn how M.U.D. (Me Under Distress) gets in unseen places of our mental, emotional and physical bodies and keeps us stuck in unconscious patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. AND it can often keep us from what we want most!

Based on the true-life story of your host, Joanne Neweduk, “Daring To…” is a rich sharing of what many women have experienced or endured. Some may still have M.U.D. blocking their dreams.

Whether it’s bravery or daring, we are invited to take a deeper look at the layers that we’ve unconsciously put up with for months, years or even decades!

"The greatest obstacle we will ever have is to overcome is ourselves”, says Joanne.

Over the past decade, Joanne has metaphorically pulled up the weeds, planted a new garden, and is enjoying a deeply fulfilling life. Feeling cherished by the special man in her life, inspired by the wisdom of her adult children, and enjoying great synergy with her career, Joanne understands herself and her life purpose more than ever.

She shares, “There may still be a M.U.D. puddles from time to time, but I’m much more aware of them now and can move easily navigate my path.”

To learn more and to download your copy of “Make Mine Fabulous ~ 21 Ways to Energize Your Life” visit

These tips helped Joanne DARE to Wash off the M.U.D. And you can too.








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#28 Daring To…..Wash Off the Mud Part 2

#28 Daring To…..Wash Off the Mud Part 2

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